"Icewine: Extreme Winemaking by Inniskillin Wines co-founders Donald Ziraldo and Karl Kaiser is a beautifully illustrated book that reveals the painstaking methods and skills used to create one of Canada's most desired delicacies: Icewine.

The Niagara Peninsula is renowned for the quality of its Icewine, and from Japan to Europe Icewine is synonymous with the highest level of luxury goods. Donald Ziraldo takes readers on a personal tour through the amazing world of cool-climate viticulture and Icewine-making. Ziraldo draws on his insights and experience to bring to life what is an exacting science, an expressive art and an earthy celebration of regional terroir. The complex factors that determine a fine wine-soil, grape varieties, pressing, cork quality, and the all important cold climate needed to produce Icewine-are all colourfully presented in this handsome keepsake volume.

Winemaker Karl Kaiser adds a chapter on the scientific aspects of Icewine making. Beautiful photographs complement more than 20 scrumptious recipes from the late, resident chef Izabela Kalabis-Sacco that rely on Icewine as a main ingredient. Food and wine pairings provide the perfect finish for this luxurious volume, designed to immerse readers in the velvety smoothness of Canada's most precious beverage." 
- excerpt from Key-Porter Publishing

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