I am available on an advisory basis for various disciplineswith the wine sector; particularily marketing, publicrelations, winery design and strategic planning. I would be particularily interested in challenging start up operations and restructuring existing wineries. I am only interested in the advisory role as opposed to day to day management. My interest in architecture and my international experience in Icewine is what I would be most qualified in contributing .Additionally, I have a strong network of associates from whom I can draw to provide specific expertise such as: finance, accounting, engineering, distribution, vineyard management and many other areas that I can bring to the discussion.


$2500.00 per day / $300.00 per hour.
The intent would be in an advisory capacity in the form of discussion as opposed to a structured consulting type of arrangement. In the many years that I have built a very successful wine company I have relied on the knowledge that I had gained from experience and I would make that knowledge available. I would apply it on a case by case basis to achieve above standard expecations.

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